We’re Back! 2021 Tour Dates!

We are unbelievably excited to be getting back on the road and playing for all of you wonderful people again. It’s been far far faaar too long and we can’t wait to be back! You can get tickets to the shows via our website here.

Lineup News!

Those of you with a keen eye for detail may have noticed a few familiar faces on our tour poster but a few fresh faces as well. If you’ve been keeping track of our socials over the past few days, you’ll now know that our amazing singer Jane and MCs Mark and Eloy are taking a step back from the band to focus on other things. We wish them all the best in their new chapters!

It’s an emotional thing as we’ve played a bunch of incredible shows and made some unforgettable memories together!! We’ll miss them all but our paths will cross again in the future. Please join us in raising a heartily poured glass of fine Belgian ale and cheersing them for all the amazing times over the past few years!

Meet the new Capers!

We’re beyond excited to begin this next chapter. A huge part of that is the new members of Cut Capers who we’d love to introduce you to now!

(Clockwise: Abbey Neave; Oli Morris; Sam Mills)

Cut Capers are proud to present:

On vocals, Abbey Neave. A multi-instrumentalist from Edinburgh, we met her through her involvement with the Bristol Uni music societies and it didnt take long to realise that she was a great fit! Favourite artist right now: Pip Millett

On tenor saxophone, Oli Morris. An LA born and raised saxophonist who has played with Chrissy Huntley and OHMS, we met Oli through the Bristol Horn Stars. We’d challenge you to find a nicer gentleman than this guy. Favourite sax player right now: Chris Creek

On keys, Sam Mills. Something of a touring band hero, you may recognise him from his work with Backbeat Soundsystem, The Undercover Hippy and Mango Factory. Tom met Sam whilst on tour with Hannah Williams and the Affirmations and after realising he had a similar love for table tennis, it was a pretty safe bet he would be a perfect fit as the new keys player in Cut Capers. Favourite pianist right now: Charlie Schmidt

That’s all for now!

Thanks again for supporting us, you’re the best fans in the world! We’ll have some new music for you all very soon, when the time is right!

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